One of the reasons why slot machines represent a boom in casino games is due to their plurality of options and their diverse themes. From the traditional machine of cherries and apples, an entire arsenal of motives extends superheroes, vampires, women, party and -one of the most popular-, Asian culture.

In each of them, the characteristics vary. The number of reels is different in the same sense as are the animations, movements, and bonuses. When it comes to romance, there’s a new three-reel specimen known as Sky of Love.

This slot, in its condition of the progressive machine, has a jackpot of 100 thousand euros, an amount more than profitable. Even so, beyond the prizes and all the elements that make up the game, what most arouses interest is its graphic composition.

Internally, Sky of Love works with the same automatic number generator that rotates randomly and reflects on the screen the results of that constant movement. On the outside, the matter becomes interesting; since this game embraces the theme of flying through the air in first class in the company of some love.

The interface, in that sense, is loaded with noises and glamorous icons that are related to the life full of luxuries that this machine aims to inspire. Their cash prizes remain as the characteristic that customers enjoy the most. The boat, although difficult to win, also represents an intelligent incentive to attract more users.

Sky of Love, belonging to Prime Slots, is centrally dedicated to a group of players, but given their chances of returning to the player, also the male audience has been encouraged to try their luck with them and try to hit the bottle of champagne – the symbol winner-.

Compared to the ostentatious prizes of some slot machines, which raise millions of euros, Sky of Love may not seem like a big deal, but when it comes to these machines austerity is a positive point as they are charged with more frequently the juiciest prizes

Statistically, and because it is a slot with enough presence in Prime Slots, Sky of Love meets the cap to charge much faster, fortunately for its players and as a strategy for people to continue inserting credit without stopping.

Sky of Love combines the best of the Slots of Prime Slots: beautiful graphics, excellent design, simplicity in the interface when playing and a reward more than generous to be a 3-reel machine. In addition, it evokes the goodness of life and excites with all its actions.

However, the things that always go for the better are not exonerated from their negative aspects. As far as Sky of Love is concerned, its character as a progressive machine is its strongest but also the weakest point.

For those who know the problem of this kind of machines, it is unnecessary to explain it, but for those who do not, it is enough to say that progressive jackpots work as a kind of cooperative in which certain amount of users enter credit until they fill a “common boat”. You never know who will get the prize or at what time.

This is characteristic of gambling. However, the real problem with these machines is that they tend to be expensive and have a low denomination about payment opportunities.

Despite this, there is always a significant number in the audience, especially the female, who is willing to venture into the romance of heights and the wonderful prizes that this slot offers.