If you are an admirer of 243 ways pokies like me, then I can certainly say that this particular slot was made especially for us. I always used to wonder that how this format came in to existence and could find the source, but it was last night that I finally came to know the truth. Actually I read it somewhere that the format came in to existence pretty early than I thought, in 2009.

And I also came to know that this format was came in to existence with the slot called burning desires, which means that it was the first 243 ways slot that ruled the hearts of the players and it won’t be a hyperbola if I would say that It was a revolution in the gambling industry.

This particular slot is a five reel poker machine that features Ways style of game play. At first I was kind of unfamiliar with this format of play, and after trying it I came to know that a 243 Ways game allows you to win with no respect to what pay line your winning symbols appear on. And to enjoy this slot machine, the gambler must wager 25 coins at a time, up to a maximum of 250 coins per spin.

After knowing all the facts and rules of the game, I decided to play it to see what it was like to be the first 243 ways slot. And I came out with the conclusion that it was quite a remarkable concept and now I get to know the real reason how that how it became so popular in such a short period of time. And after taking the trial I also played with the real money and won some bonus round as well.

Flying Warriors Slots

Flying Warriors are out to pillage your village. It’s time to fly high and take down these evil creatures in this thrilling adventure Asian slot game!

High 5 Games has created four colorful warrior bands against which you can test your skills. You could win up to 1,000x in your line bet if you defeat them. There are plenty of wild symbols, a great bonus game, and the neat symbols feature, where reels lock together to give you big wins. The slot will appeal to H5G players familiar with Asian places, such as Bai She.

Let the Fight Begin

Flying Warriors will drop from the sky to fill the reels. They use long ribbons and the ninja technique to maneuver themselves into positions where they can attack you. You may also see super symbols that cover 2×2 position squares. However, the more powerful they are, the more they will fall! To win a prize, you must maneuver them into formations of three to five matching warriors on the prize lines.

Red warriors can be matched up to 400x the line bet. Yellow warriors can be worth up to 600x, and green warriors up to 800x.The blue warriors are the ones you want to defeat with prizes of up to 1,000x your wager.

The wild symbols are your best allies in this epic battle. They will appear on reels 2-5 and can also transform into any warrior if you win an additional prize.

Lock on Targets

You’ll first want to secure the Free Games Symbol, a combination between a Samurai Sword and the Free Spins Logo. If you trigger it with four symbols, you’ll win 15 games. The Free Games Bonus is activated when you hit 3 to 4 of these symbols anywhere on the reels. You will get seven free games if you trigger the Bonus with three characters.

You can also use the Super Symbols Feature during your free games bonuses. This feature locks reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 together, giving you a chance to win some serious prizes. All Super Symbols, regular symbols, and combinations will form the locked reels. At the beginning of every spin, all Super Symbols are replaced by the Warriors or Wild Symbols.

All prizes increase your line bets, so deciding on the size of tips you want to focus on is a good idea. There are 50 lines per spin. You can place line bets between 10 and 2.5 Million Coins per spin. The minimum bet is 500 coins. Maximum spins are 125 Million Coins.

High 5 Games will make you want to be a hero for this thrilling adventure. You should soon be flying high!H5G boasts more Facebook slot titles than any other company and appears to be aiming for the same dominance in real-money slots with these new battling games! Hero-sized prizes are in the Super Symbols Feature and the Free Games Bonus.