If you are an admirer of 243 ways pokies like me, then I can certainly say that this particular slot was made especially for us. I always used to wonder that how this format came in to existence and could find the source, but it was last night that I finally came to know the truth. Actually I read it somewhere that the format came in to existence pretty early than I thought, in 2009.

And I also came to know that this format was came in to existence with the slot called burning desires, which means that it was the first 243 ways slot that ruled the hearts of the players and it won’t be a hyperbola if I would say that It was a revolution in the gambling industry.

Watch this video for more information:

This particular slot is a five reel poker machine that features Ways style of game play. At first I was kind of unfamiliar with this format of play, and after trying it I came to know that a 243 Ways game allows you to win with no respect to what pay line your winning symbols appear on. And to enjoy this slot machine, the gambler must wager 25 coins at a time, up to a maximum of 250 coins per spin.

After knowing all the facts and rules of the game, I decided to play it to see what it was like to be the first 243 ways slot. And I came out with the conclusion that it was quite a remarkable concept and now I get to know the real reason how that how it became so popular in such a short period of time. And after taking the trial I also played with the real money and won some bonus round as well.