The popular name which defines almost everything, most of the people already knows about this title and some of them may not aware about this for those, the dark knight is basically the movie-title which comes with trilogy are rises, returns, etc., comes in 2008, you can watch a trailer online, and also download full movie from by checking ratings and reviews from imdb.

The introduction of this movie was important, because it’s become easy to play for people from basics. Last month, I had a superficial experience which is quite connected for this title as a game which comes in category of online casino and slot machine games which strikes again my mind to play because I had a good experience from movie. To have a good a start with this game I must have research on pokies, seen slot reviews and while research I found a nice poker set, one major thing I was found is that site provides free bonus codes with no cash deposit and opens an opportunity to win a jackpot.

Watch this video for more information:

From the next morning, when I started to play I am glad to know that this game is also available in play store as an android app. This was such an awesome thing to know, I installed app on my mobile and make a good use of it. The game you played gives you a great pleasure to know that your favorite movie also available in app. From this good experience, I got a new way to spend my time and glad to know when I am free and able convert my spare time into a fun with enjoyable moments. I suggest you guys, at least you must have to take a look of this game and possibly you will find a useful stuff.

Fortune Cat Fever Slots

Fortune Cats are well-known for their popularity in Asian slot games. Now you can play a slot that is so much about Fortune Cats, Fortune Cat Fever. This slot is the sister to Fortune Cat’s Summer Vacation.

High 5 Games 5-reel, 30-pay-line slot is great fun. It features five cats that can bestow fortunes on you, including one dressed up as Elvis. You can also enjoy the thrill of matching 3-10 symbols to win big line-bet multiplier prizes. These totals may also be boosted by Wilds that double your chances of winning. Golden Fortune Cookies are also important; they can give you total-bet multipliers or free games.

Do not be a pussy

Fortune Cat Fever is not a game where you should be sexy. You can win big by playing all the available pay lines. You can also play for line bets starting at 3,000 coins up to 2,500,000 coins.

Claw In Those Prizes

You can win big prizes by lining up as many matching cat symbols as possible. There are a maximum of 10 lines. You can win the top prize of 1,000x your line bet by placing 10 of either the Elvis-dressed cat, the Tuxedo-clad cat sporting a monocle, or the Black Cat with purple accessories and the Siamese cat wearing a green turban. The cute white and purple cat is the top prize, worth 2,000x your line bet. You can also win more miniature prizes by matching the paw prints of the cats.

The Wild Fortune Cat Fever logos can be used on all prize lines. These logos will count as 2 of any cat when they are part of a winning combination. These Wild Fortune Cat Fevers can also be prize symbols. Four of them on a prize line will win you 4,000x, while five will win 10,000x.

You will also want to see the Golden Fortune Cookie often when you play this slot. It can award total-bet multipliers as well as free spins. You can see it in either a single or double appearance, and any four scattered on the reels will grant you 2x your total bet.

You can still win the fantastic prizes listed above. Three double fortune cookies on reels 2, 3, and 4 will give you 12 free spins. Two doubles and one single will grant you six free spins.

Keep Your Hands Off The Litter Tray

Fortune Cats have made more of the slots I have played shine, and High 5 Games has finally given them a prominent role.H5G has given them a fun aspect by creating different cats that can win you big prizes. Fortune cookies can help you to make your fortune with the Scatter Wins feature and the Free Spins. This should ensure that Fortune Cat Fever doesn’t end up in the litter box anytime soon and could threaten existing slot games such as Emperors Delight.