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Hey guys…here I want to share you an interesting story about my trip to Egypt. It was the time of vacation of college, so we planned a trip to see Ancient tomb. These are also ranked in 7 wonders of world which categories all antiques of ancestor’s time. My friend had visited it previously so now he was my guide. At the city which named as Thebes where Egyptian culture grew, we reached to saw items and discoveries of that time. When we entered in exhibition we saw many pictures of kings and queens; my friend walkthrough and break some valuable piece of vass. In return staff of museum scold on us and forced to pay charge, but as we are advanced, impaired person; we didn’t gave the fine and run fast towards the exit gate. After 15 minute of running we stop at bus stop and laughed madly. Few days later we went to hotel for supper, it was a five rated hotel and inside it there was a real casino where gamblers played with money. My friends and I also keen to play but don’t have money at that time so we observe them from outside. At last it’s time to return home town. But we did not forget the crowd waiting for the roulette, slot machine and casino.

One day my friends shared me a link of playing online. Then I went to my room and pasted the link in browser; this was a link of a page where only one arrow is shown and bottom of it was written ‘Play‘. This attractive keyword increased my excitement. By clicking on it I entered in a new world where people were playing their favorite game. My friend was also playing there and he won free spins & bonus codes for next round. I also saw many reviews of other players about a game which seems quite interesting, I was curious to play it. It was a sport named as ‘Pharaoh’s Tomb’. Firstly after reading its name I laughed for a moment, then as beginner of this world, I firstly took brief idea about its features, slots, cheats and functionality.

I like to share that basically it is a micro gaming machine that have twenty paylines and five-reel features. I like to play it due to its graphics and also winning prize money which every gamblers want to know. The biggest prize of this event is $3000.

The most valuable thing is that it is also available to download for free. It gives us to take pleasure when we can’t go to real gaming station. So what are you waiting for? Go for it!